Quick question.

Gareth Williams gareth at microm-electronics.com
Fri Oct 19 08:36:40 EDT 2001

Hi David.

Thankyou for the advice you gave me earlier last week.

I wonder if you would take a couple of minutes to look over the following
message the kernel gave me on booting and give your advice.

I managed to finally get the 2.4.12 linux kernel configured & compiled,
after much pratting about with upgrades to gcc & bin utils etc, here is my
kernel config which I specified for the MTD stuff:

(where I have not listed something then I have not included that in the
kernel build)

* Mem tech device support
* NFTL support
* Write support for NFTL (BETA)
NOTE: Mapping drivers for chip access menu has NO SUBMENU!! (pressing enter
on it has no effect).
*	Self contained MTD device drivers>>>>
	*M-Systems DOC & Millennium
	*Advanced detection options for DOC
	*0 - Physical address
	*Probe for 0x55 & 0xAA
	*NAND flash device drivers>>>>>
		*NAND device support
		*Enable ECC

On booting the kernel your stuff correctly detects that I have a DOC2000
with 8MB but fails to create any device special file in /dev, here is a

DiskOnChip 2000 found at address 0xD4000
Flash Chip Found: Manufacturer ID: EC, Chip ID: E6 (Samsung KM29U64000)
1 Flash chips found.  Total DiskOnChip size: 8MiB
NFTL Driver: nftlcore.c $ Revision: 1.82 $, nftlmount.c $Revision: 1.23$
ANAND header found @ 0xC000 in mtd0, but ECC read failed (err 1)
ANAND header found @ 0xE000 in mtd0, but ECC read failed (err 1)
Could not find valid boot record.
Could not mount NFTL device.

I hope you can give some advice on this matter, it is probably just a
mistake on my behalf in configuring the kernel.

Thanks in advance.

Gareth Williams.

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