David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Wed Oct 17 04:00:14 EDT 2001

joakim.tjernlund at said:
>  Does JFFS2 erase the blocks that are already erased?

Yes, because they might not be _completely_ erased - unless they have a 
cleanmarker node at the beginning, then it's possible that they're only 
partly-erased. So it erases them again, just to make sure.

> I also noticed that an umount hangs until kupdate is finished, should it?

There's no real reason for it to do so - can you get a backtrace (SysRq-T) 
and find out what it's waiting for? That should be fixable.

> Is it safe to power cycle the board during this initial formating? 

Yes. The formatting is done specifically to make sure it's safe to power 
cycle at any time.


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