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Adil EL YOUSSEFI adilos2 at
Mon Oct 15 09:37:30 EDT 2001

Hi everybody,

--- David Woodhouse <dwmw2 at> wrote:
> adilos2 at said:
> >  -> Under what license it is released. My boss
> wants to
> >  know if he would have to pay in order to put
> JFFS2 in our product.
> Under what licence is your product? JFFS2 is under a
> dual licence - both 
> GPL for compatibility with the Linux kernel, and
> RHEPL for use in eCos. 

 I am intending to port JFFS2 on my company's
propriatery OS ( not linux nor ecos ). I am wondering
under which license ( GPL or RHEPL ) JFFS2 will be

The main difference between the two licenses is that
GPL says that any source code ineteracting with JFFS2
will turn GPL as well. On the other hand RHEPL doesn't
impose anything on the software working with JFFS2.  

Thanks for your time.    

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