A couple of questions

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at redhat.com
Wed Oct 10 08:11:02 EDT 2001

adilos2 at yahoo.com said:
>  -> Under what license it is released. My boss wants to
>  know if he would have to pay in order to put JFFS2 in our product.

Under what licence is your product? JFFS2 is under a dual licence - both 
GPL for compatibility with the Linux kernel, and RHEPL for use in eCos. 

>  -> We are using a flash device with different sector sizes ( 1*32k,
> 2*16k,1*64k and the others are 128k ), What size should the JFFS2
> reserved sectors have then ? 

128KiB - the 'major' erase size.

>  -> If JFFS2 is used without enabling compression, will there still be
> corner cases in GC requiring 5 reserved sectors and not 2. 

Probably not. To be honest, it probably wouldn't happen even _with_ 
compression - I just don't like releasing software that'll 'probably' work 

>  -> Why can't JFFS2 be used on Compact flashes ? 

Technically, it can - we now have a 'blkmtd' driver which uses any block 
device as backing store for an MTD device - so it can use any hard drive. 
At the moment, it's painfully slow. Checkpointing ought to fix that, but 
nobody's currently working on implementing that.


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