MTD newbie

Cristiano Paris at
Tue Oct 2 08:36:01 EDT 2001

I've just finished compiling 2.4.10-ac3 and I've tried to mount the jffs2
volume as usual.

I've tried :

modprobe mtdcore
modprobe mtdram total_size=16384 erase_size=8
modprobe mtdblock
modprobe jffs2

mount -t jffs2 /task-familiar-etc /mnt

After that the system just hangs (no kernel ooops shown). David, have you
tried yourself with the mtdram fake device ?



On Mon, 1 Oct 2001, David Woodhouse wrote:

> at said:
> >  Maybe I'm using the wrong version of Linux or a more recent snapshot
> > would sove the problem.
> Please see if you can reproduce in 2.4.10-ac3
> --
> dwmw2

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