MTD newbie

Larry Doolittle ldoolitt at
Mon Oct 1 12:17:20 EDT 2001

Cristiano -

> At the moment the jffs2 is unusable for me. I'm using linux-2.4.9-ac10 on

The MTD/JFFS2 in that version dates back to about June 2001.
There have been big changes since then.  I'm at about the same
level of testing as you, but using the current CVS things seem
to basically work.  Dropping in the code from CVS takes a little
thought, but it only took me a couple of tries to get on the air.

Another approach is to apply a patch from Russell King, like

That one in particular looks like it takes you up to an early
September CVS snapshot of the MTD subsystem.

        - Larry

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