beginners mtd/jffs question

Eric Nelson eric_n2 at
Fri Nov 30 13:49:40 EST 2001

We are starting a project which will use a commercial SBC, x86 based.  I am sold
on MTD/JFFS2, but don't understand exactly what we need to look for.  When I
looked at the database of MTD devices, I just saw some AMD and Intel linear
flash.  Here are my questions:

Isn't it better to use plain NOR linear flash than DOC, because then JFFS2 has
complete control?

Is the DOC/JFFS2 a good solution?  I mean, it seems like w/ the commercial
SBC's, the only options are CompactFlash (Ugh!), or DOC.  Is there some type of
PCMCIA flash that meets MTD?  Are there commercial boards w/ linear MTD flash?

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