No space on jffs2 fs

MQuicquaro at MQuicquaro at
Fri Nov 30 11:06:59 EST 2001

> That's the smallest file system you can have without actually putting any
> data on it. You need 1.25MiB _above_ the amount of space actually taken
> the data.
> This can be reduced. I'm just being overly conservative until I can prove
> that it's safe.

Can this 5 block minimum be easily reduced by me, even if its just
so that I can get past my initial development/testing phase?  On this
eval. board that I am using there is only 1MB of flash which I can use
still keeping a separate 1MB intact which has a good debugging monitor that
important to me since my BDM debugging isn't totally working yet.

Thanks again for the much appreciated help.

- Mike

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