Booting from DOC-Millenium

Felix Frey ffrey at
Fri Nov 30 07:45:51 EST 2001


I'm using a DOC-Millenium( w/ 8megs) on a PC104-modul, holding the rootfs and 
applications. First of all I was using the driver from m-systems (binary 
only!) which caused me a headache since it's using up a lot of system 
performance and - even worse - it interferes with the serial port i a manner 
that I'm loosing data from the serial port. The next attempt was trying the 
(open source-) nftl-driver. Basically this was very successful and also 
solved the problem with the serial port. The only remaining problem is that I 
can't boot from the DOC anymore. I'm using doc-lilo as bootloader.
I appreciate any advice.


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