No space on jffs2 fs

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Fri Nov 30 01:58:45 EST 2001

MQuicquaro at said:
> I did a mkfs.jffs2 on my romfs/ directory, padding it with 0xFFs and
> then loading it into my flash via the dBUG "upuser" command.
> Everything seems to work ok except I cannot ever write to my jffs2 fs
> because there is never any free space. 

> Kernel command line: CONSOLE=/dev/ttyS0,19200 root=1f09
> 0x001c0000-0x00200000 : "rootfs J13 (256K)"
> mtd: Giving out device 9 to rootfs J13 (256K)

Your root filesystem is only 256KiB, and that appears to match the erase 
size - you have only one erase block in your root filesystem. JFFS2 
currently needs five spare blocks, although it could get away with fewer if 
I wasn't so cautious about reducing that number.


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