4 x AMD29LV800B CFI?

Geoffrey Espin espin at idiom.com
Fri Nov 23 16:01:36 EST 2001

Is there a definitive URL to discover what chips are CFI and
which are not?  I've Googled the planet for the AMD29LV800B family.

The chip is appears in mtd/chips/amd_flash.c, not necessarily
CFI.  I found a nearly dead link on AMD site to source code:


which contains the part, yet the datasheet:


doesn't list it as having CFI.

The NEC/MIPS "Korva" board I'm trying to get this working on has
4 x AMD29LV800B's byte interleaved for 4MB total.  I've tinkered
with cfi/jedec/amd_flash and not one of them will recognize the
part(s).  After sending the command code(s), it replies with the
contents at the particular offset, not the chip code.  Perhaps
my h/w setup is insisting that all 4 parts are programmed at
once?  I see ifdef SOMEONE_ACTUALLY... for width 4 type 32
interleave 4; maybe this means generate the right pattern?  I'm
now driven to more furious surgery, it seems.  :-(

Geoffrey Espin
espin at idiom.com

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