Can't modify my DoC anymore (pb with GRUB)

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Thu Nov 22 09:20:41 EST 2001

guillaume.david at said:

I created the system as follow :

>    ../util/nftl_format /dev/mtd0 98304   

.. no reboot or rmmod nftl;insmod nftl here? If that worked, you were lucky.

>      sfdisk /dev/nftla <<EOF
>     	0,770,83,*
>     	771,,83
>     	EOF

Er, what partitioning? If you have only one useful partition, why have a 
partition table at all? Just use /dev/nftla for your filesystem. 

>  The real problem is that I can't boot my development system on hda1
> anymore  because the disk-on-chip firmware intercepts the boot
> sequence.

What Grub presents you with isn't bash, it's a tiny command prompt which 
allows you access to the Grub commands. You should be able to get Grub to 
boot from the hard drive by telling it something like
	chainloader = +1

I don't know why Grub isn't finding the menu. Maybe you need to set 
the default boot_drive to match (dc0,0) ?


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