NAND test hardwhere?

Charles Manning manningc at
Tue Nov 20 02:17:02 EST 2001


Plz pardon the pun - it's getting late in the year.

I wonder if anyone has a good idea where to scrounge out -even $buy$ - NAND 
test hardware.

I want to fiddle around with NAND chips or SmartMedia, not DOC - preferably 
ISA card or parallel port or some such so that I can plug it into a PC and 
access simply.

I have tried contacting Samsung to no avail (their www says they have ISA and 
EPP [parallel port] dev boards) but they are not answering emails.

If I can't find something I might just have to hack up something from an old 
ISA card and a SmartMedia card.

Any info much appreciated.


-- Charles

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