Bug in mtdblock_ro

Simon Barber simon at barber.net
Tue Nov 13 10:32:42 EST 2001

I'm travelling right now - so I can't, sorry - but it's a version I checked
out from the anon CVS a few days (maybe 10) ago. With this bug fix it works
great for me. Without the fix I get a kernel panic on trying to mount a
mtd_ro partition as rootfs.


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Subject: Re: Bug in mtdblock_ro

> Moin!
> > the call in mtdblock_request to MTD_READ/WRITE passes nr_sectors, it
> > pass current_nr_sectors.
> Could you quickly add, what version has this problem? The filename
> should be enough. When I get back from vacation (Thursday), I will
> have a look at it.
> Jörn
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