David Mackay monitoreurope at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 7 13:20:35 EST 2001

 --- David Woodhouse <dwmw2 at infradead.org> wrote: > 
> monitoreurope at yahoo.co.uk said:
> >  As we use /var for FIFO data storage on this
> system (many 8-32K
> > files) we need a reliable predictable free space
> estimation in order
> > to be able to maximise the number of stored files
> before we delete to
> > add new. Therefore a better understanding of the
> inner workings of
> > JFFS would be appreciated.
> We make stuff up in jffs2_statfs(). You may be able
> to improve it if you 
> include c->erasing_size in the calculation of
> 'avail', and you'll probably 
> want to include the size of the blocks on the
> erase_pending_list too.


Is there a method by which we could call the garbage
collection function on demand? I ask because our 1 meg
partion mounted as /var will be quite static as we
have a ram disk for transient info. Therfore we will
probably only do a write every 1 hour or so. It would
therfore pay us to link garbage collection with our
FIFO clean up.


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