mkfs.jffs2 propsal and a question about burst reads

Jörn Engel joern at
Tue Nov 6 09:21:27 EST 2001


> Perhaps we should give the erase command a "jffs2-format" option
> so that it erases and writes the proper erase marker on the sectors to prevent
> JFFS2 to erase them again?
> The erase ulitity should then also skip erasing sectors that has the erased 
> marker already which might speed up the erase a little.
> I guess copying an image to the formatted flash should work even if it contains
> erase marks?

1) Beware of featuritis. This is just a hack for the explained
problem, depends on the fs used (jffs2) and does not give any real new
functionality. Might be good for the sales department, though. :)

Yesterday, I scrambled a fs because it was recognized as jffs (1),
deleted and empty afterwards. Solution? Don't use jffs1 any more and
be smarter next time.

2) Flash is a write-once medium. You cannot overwrite the markers, you
have to delete again.


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