PCMCIA linear Flash (5V read/write)

Alexander Kubicki kubicki at iese.fhg.de
Tue Nov 6 09:02:00 EST 2001

Hi all,

I´m using a compatible AMD Flash D-Series 4MB PCMCIA Card from Kingmax
I want to erase it blockwise or whole card and write to it adresswise as
a raw device.
The tool "wrflash" (http://www.telos.de/download/default_e.htm#alios (in
alios_source)) is designed for this purpose but crashes because of a
segmentation fault. The same with ftl_format (only for testing)

The card is recognized by linux (cardctl info, cardctl ident, ftl_check
Other PCMCIA-Cards (CompactFlash with Adapter, Adaptec-SCSI) work fine.

I use SuSE Linux 7.2 (standard SUSE Kernel 2.4.4  / cardmgr 3.1.25)

Can you provide some information?
Thanks in advance


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