JFFS2, CF, PCMCIA adapter, ATA

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Sun Nov 4 17:42:30 EST 2001

On 4 Nov 2001, Michael Rothwell wrote:

> Sorry it took so long; I had to copy the oops output from the console
> screen... here it is, by way of ksymoops:

That's a BUG(). And it's probably the one in ACCT_PARANOIA_CHECK():

#define ACCT_PARANOIA_CHECK(jeb) do { \
                __u32 my_used_size = 0; \
                struct jffs2_raw_node_ref *ref2 = jeb->first_node; \
                while (ref2) { \
                        if (!(ref2->flash_offset & 1)) \
                                my_used_size += ref2->totlen; \
                        ref2 = ref2->next_phys; \
                } \
                if (my_used_size != jeb->used_size) { \
                        printk(KERN_NOTICE "Calculated used size %08x != 
stored used size %08x\n", my_used_size, jeb->used_size); \
                        BUG(); \
                } \
        } while(0)

I haven't seen those trigger for months - please could you set 
CONFIG_JFFS2_FS_DEBUG=1 and capture _all_ (inc. KERN_DEBUG) messages from 
mounting a clean filesystem to the time it oopses? A serial console 
may be useful.

How did you build your JFFS2 image? What arguments did you give to 
mkfs.jffs2 if you used it?


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