Joakim Tjernlund joakim.tjernlund at
Fri Nov 2 06:37:48 EST 2001

Hi all

Some update I have noticed: 
When I download a big tarfile, untar it, remove tarfile, reboot. 
One of the initscripts does a remount and there it hangs again for some 30-60 seconds.
This is our typical SW upgrade senario so it is a bit annoying. 

Am I the only one seeing this?
I am running Monta Vistas HHL 2.0 MPC8xx kernel(2.4.2 based). Could
this problem be local to the HHL kernel or is it a JFFS2 thing?

I am using JFFS2 CVS from around October 23


> Hi All
> First: 
> I have noticed that when I mount a jffs2 FS(created with mkfs.jffs2) for the
> first time and look at the output of the df command, I see that "Use%" field
> slowly rise to 100% and then it drops back to ~15% and then it stays there.
> During this rise I also noticed that kupdate was eating alot of CPU(~80%)
> Is this normal?

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