Found a potential bug in MTD

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue May 29 14:26:22 EDT 2001

fgiasson at said:
> 	I compiled and tested the change with my board, and it works OK.  It
> also make sense since CFI_DEVICETYPE_X8 is an hardcoded value for 8
> bits type devices, and cfi->device_type holds the buswidth specified
> in xconfig. 

The addr_unlock values set in cfi_probe_chip() are supposed to compensate
for that. We can't do it by shifting by the device_type, because sometimes 
we need to put an odd address value on the bus for 16-bit chips. 

But the actual _detection_ of CFI chips shouldn't be affected by that 
anyway, unless it's falling back to the JEDEC probe.


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