MTD on a Motorola MPCN765 ? (32 bit linux and 64 bit flash)

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Wed May 23 06:18:31 EDT 2001

Jan.Rovins at said:
>  I was using partitions before, mostly to isolate & protect the boot
> image. Can I have a setup that uses separately mapped devices and
> multiple partitions at the same time? (I am having trouble visualizing
> this) 

Yeah, that's fine. You just call add_mtd_partitions() twice.

>  Separate chip mappings also would imply that I would have to alter
> the read(), write() copy_to/from() functions to skip over the bytes
> that would show up in the other mapping, since my address lines are
> wired up to treat the four chips as one range.



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