16M doc2000 and pcmcia

nob at thinstuff.com nob at thinstuff.com
Tue May 22 12:44:22 EDT 2001

in our wavelan-router project we are using ... 
 - doc2000/8M
 - mtdcvs20010522(today)
 - nftl 
 - kernel 2.4.3 with pcmcia
 - wavelan/orinoco card in an isa pcmcia adapter

well, this combination works really great!

now when i try a 16M doc pcmcia doesn't work anymore,
cannot map card memory and things like that ...

the other way around (with a linux boot disk):
step1: activating pcmcia: everything fine
step2: inserting mtd modules, mounting nftla1: system hangs, no msgs

the 16Mdoc is found at 0xd0000

once again: there is no problem with the 8M doc2000 and pcmcia!

any ideas?


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