Booting from JFFS2

Bao C. Ha baoha at
Tue May 15 12:28:51 EDT 2001

I am looking for an easy way to update the kernel and
the fs image.  Ext2 will allow me to mount it, cp/rm
the compressed files: linux.gz and initrd.gz, umount
it and reboot.

It is probably not much different from flashing the
files on the JFFS2 partition then.  And initrd.gz
can be stored on the JFFS2 since the kernel knows
how to access it during bootup.


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baoha at said:
>  (1) bootloader, (2) ext2 for kernel/initrd, (3) JFFS2 for the rest of
> the filesystem's mount points.

Why ext2 for the second partition? Why not just 
 1. Bootloader
 2. Kernel
 3. JFFS2


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