Booting from JFFS2

Bao C. Ha baoha at
Tue May 15 12:15:43 EDT 2001

This is for a sh4-based board.  There are two boot loaders
available: lilo and ipl+sh.  From your answer, I assume
that none of the boot loader out there understands JFFS2

My next option is to partition the flash into three: (1)
bootloader, (2) ext2 for kernel/initrd, (3) JFFS2 for the
rest of the filesystem's mount points.


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baoha at said:
> I would like to partition the Flash into two: (1) boot loader and  (2)
> JFFS2.  Can I put the kernel, zImage, and fs.gz on JFFS2,  and boot
> the kernel from there?

The answer to that question is entirely dependent on the bootloader you
use. But at the moment, I think there are no bootloaders which support this.

There are patches available for Compaq bootldr used on the iPAQ, which make
it capable of loading a kernel from a JFFSv1 filesystem. But nobody's yet
done JFFS2, AFAIK.

We're intending to add this support to RedBoot some time in the near
future, hopefully.


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