Does MTD include support for STM M58LW064?

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Sun May 13 12:54:03 EDT 2001

davis_g at said:
>  But I'll ask the question anyway in case I missed it: does MTD
> include support for the ST Microelectronics M58LW064 flash device?
> This device supports CFI commands. But I don't see any support for it
> in the current MTD CVS sources.

There's no such thing as 'CFI commands'. The only thing that's _common_ 
about the Common Flash Interface is the way you probe the chip to find out 
what commands it supports.

Looking at the datasheet for that chip, it seem to support command set 
number 0x20, which we don't currently have code to recognise. But at first 
glance, the command set described seems identical to the Intel chips.

Compare the commands listed in the datasheet with the ones in the Intel
datasheets, and if the latter really is a subset of the (parts we actually
use of the) former, then try hacking the CFI probe to treat cmdset 0x20 as
if it was cmdset 1, and see what happens. It'll probably work.


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