Mips compiler controversy

Fry, Dan dfry at bb.directv.com
Fri May 11 18:09:20 EDT 2001

Hi list,

	Mips doesn't seem to compile the JFFS2 code as is.  In write.c
within function jffs2_new_inode there is an undefined reference to
new_inode().  I've greped through the kernel source and can't find a
new_inode().  Is this function responsible for anything more than 
	/* some kind of kmalloc for an inode */

I replaced the new_inode call with the above, and got the code to compile.
I can mount the chips, however any witting or deletion causes:

Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 00000004, epc ==
Oops in fault.c do_page_fault, line 159

And then the system locks up after spitting out tons of hex. Funny thing is
that after reboot the file or directory I created show up but trying to
access them causes the kernel lockup again.

Any ideas??

	- Dan

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