Oddities with MTD/DOC

Ollie Lho ollie at sis.com.tw
Wed May 9 05:15:08 EDT 2001

Jason Walker wrote:
> Just a question for you all: Have you ever had a DOC just *not* work
> anymore?  After formatting/installing my software on one for about 10-20
> times, the device refuses to be recognized by the kernel. I have a stack of
> boxes that are in this state now.  Do I have to do some kind of low level
> format to them? I can't even fdisk them.  I would have a hard time believing
> these are all just faulty.  Any insight on this?

It happens a lot. You got two options: 1. replace it with another,
2. wait a few days, sometimes it just come back "magically".


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