Invalid ioctl

Edmund Troche edmund at
Sun May 6 15:22:44 EDT 2001

I have  the same results with a 48MB DoC 2000 also.


Edmund Troche wrote:

> I created a 8MB partition (nftla1) on a 8MB DoC 2000, and tried to cp a jffs
> image that was created with mkfs.jffs, and got the following message:
>     Invalid ioctl 5401 (MEMGETINFO = 80204d01)
>     ECC needs a full sector write (adr: 9de00 size 134)
> The DiskOnChip is being found @ address 0xD6000 and it correctly detects it as
> 8MB. JFFS and MTD support is compiled in, no modules in this case.
> Anyone familiar with what may be the problem? Thanks in advance for any help.
> Edmund Troche
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