MTD and 2.4

Jason Walker jasonw at
Fri May 4 20:54:59 EDT 2001

of course, when I am using the 2.2.17 kernel used to install this stuff, it
says this then running dLILO:
cannot locate block-major-93

when I have /dev/nftla1 in my lilo.conf. hmmmm. I assume that's because I
don't have nftla in thsi mystery 2.2.x kernel.

perhaps rdev'ing the 2.4 kernel I am working on would be a better approach.


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jasonw at said:
> request_module[block-major-100]: root fs not mounted cannot open root
> device 6401 blah blah blah

Quite why someone felt it necessary to register block major 100 for the
strangely named 'fla' device, when there was already a perfectly usable
major assigned for NFTL, I have no idea.

Switching your root device to /dev/nftla1 should fix it.


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