MTD and 2.4

Jason Walker jasonw at
Fri May 4 15:54:50 EDT 2001

Sorry it took so long to respond, things have been busy.

I did as you said, enabled CONFIG_MTD_DOC2001 and checked out the #define in
docprobe.c and it was already enabled.  I recompiled and I get the same
error.  Let me see if I can type it out, as I have no way to cut and paste

M-Systems DiskOnChip Driver. (C) 1999 Machine Vision Holdings, Inc.
request_module[doc2000]: Root fs not mounted
Cannot find driver for DiskOnChip Millennium at 0xD0000
M-Systems NAND Flash Translation Layer driver. (C) 1999 MVHI
$Id: nftl.c,v 1.57 2000/12/01 17:51:54 dwmw2 Exp $
<--TCP initializes here-->
request_module[block-major-100]: Root fs not mounted
VFS: Cannot open root device "6401" or 64:01
Please append a correct "root=" boot option
Kernel panic: VFS: cannot mount root fs blah blah blah

What is it that I am missing?  This is 2.4.4, and no patches have been
applied as of yet.

Thanks for your time!

Jason Walker

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jasonw at said:
> This is a DiskOnChip Millenium chip, btw.  If I need to post error
> messages or my kernel config, that is fine.. Any help would be
> appreciated. thank!

Enable the #define DOC_SINGLE_DRIVER in docprobe.c and make sure you've
enabled CONFIG_MTD_DOC2001. If it still doesn't work, show us the startup


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