DoC, NFTL, partitions

Ollie Lho ollie at
Wed May 2 20:59:41 EDT 2001

Stephen Herzog wrote:
> I was really wanting to see nftla AND nftlb here.   As an aside,
> I can fdisk /dev/nftla and get a single 4M partition on /dev/nftla1
> however I can't seem to find the other 4M of the chip.  From reading
> the nftl kernel code, it sounds like it should scan then entire DoC
> and find the two partitions, however that is not happening.

No, unfortunately. The current nftl driver can not support 2 or
more nftl partitions in a single /dev/mtd device. It should not
be too diffcult to fix. Just add a loop around NFTL_mount in
NFTL_setup. Actually there are some other "bugs", try to 
nftl_format /dev/mtd0 0x100000 0x500000 and see what happen.

> Can someone offer advice as to what I am doing wrong?
> Also, any tips for getting jffs onto the nftl partition, I don't
> seem to be having much luck there either.

AFIAK, you have to use JFFS with /dev/mtdblock rather than /dev/nftl


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