Flash driver probe/commandset separation.

Kári Davíðsson kd at flaga.is
Wed May 2 12:22:34 EDT 2001


I am adapting a new bootloader to our modules and do not have time at
the moment to fix and test the virtual region stuff. If you want to send
stuff to
Linus soon I suggest simply to revert to the original code (before
virtual regions), and I will add the virtual regions stuff again soon.
I wouldn't be supprised if I was the only one using the virtual regions
anyway, so no harm done if it does not make it just jet in the offical
kernel (or am I wrong?).


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Subject:	Re: Flash driver probe/commandset separation. 

nico at cam.org said:
>  Personally I think it would be best to send the curent code to Linus
> and resend another update eventually when the new stuff would have
> been proven stable.

> 	"release early, release often" 

Yes, you're probably right.

TODO list then:

	1. Make cfi_cmdset_000[12].c compile again :)
	2. Fix the partition stuff as discussed, removing VIRTUAL_ER
	3. Sanity check DiskOnChip and NFTL drivers. 

Anything else?


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