FIX-Problem: use counter armflash.c

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Wed May 2 11:55:28 EDT 2001

neuber at said:
> The use counter never counts down when I unload the module armflash.
> Here is my patch to correct this behavior: 

Not by deregistering every MTD device in the system, you don't :)
Make it remember which device(s) it owns instead.

neuber at said:
> There is another usecounter problem in armflash. In the afs_cfi_init()
> function the  function do_map_probe() is called. After this call the
> usecount  of the module cfi_cmdset_0001 is incremented and would never
> be decremented. How can I fix this behaviour? Is there anybody who is
> working with mtd's on arm-integrator? 

That one should be fixed now - I just have to fix up the command sets 


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