MTD driver module for SmartMedia

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Wed May 2 11:45:46 EDT 2001

lmc83 at said:
>     Is there MTD driver module for SmartMedia? 

No, not yet. Nobody's yet shown much interest in creating one.

>     Can I use nand.c to drive SmartMedia ?

If SmartMedia contains NAND flash chips, then probably, yes. With the right 
glue layer this ought to be possible.

>     In the source code tree structure, "mtd/devices" means MTD driver
> module
>     what does "mtd/maps" means for? 

mtd/devices are complete standalone device drivers for MTD devices.

mtd/maps contains 'mapping' drivers which provide just access to the bus on 
which memory chips reside. The actual chip drivers are in mtd/chips. Those 
are only for memory-mapped chips though, not NAND chips.


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