Directory restructure?

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Mon Mar 26 16:47:11 EST 2001

It's getting a bit cluttered... I'm pondering the wisdom of rearranging it 
into something like...

drivers/mtd/chips - CFI, JEDEC, ROM, RAM, amd_flash, etc.
drivers/mtd/maps - all the map drivers
drivers/mtd/devices - all-in-one drivers like mtdram, doc2000, etc.
drivers/mtd/users - nftl,ftl,mtdblock,mtdchar etc.

Then there's the core code and the helper stuff like mtdpart.c and 
redboot.c - maybe that and the 'users' code should all remain in 
drivers/mtd - there's not too much of that.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


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