patch to cfi_cmdset0001.c and erase.c

Kári Davíðsson kd at
Mon Mar 26 09:00:40 EST 2001


I just commited a patch to cfi_cmdset0001.c in the spirit of
cfi_cmdset002.c::cfi_*erase_varsize() function.
I don't see the need for cfi_intelext_erase() since it's functionality
is included in cfi_intelext_erase_varsize(),
so I removed the former and replaced with the *varsize() variant. I
basically copied it from cfi_cmdset0002.c.
Maybe the same should be done in cfi_cmdset0002.c, i.e. get rid of the
cfi_amd*_erase() function all together?

This (code reuse with copy-paste) kind of hints that we can structure
cfi_cmdset*.c files in a better way....

I also changed the erase.c to use the new region_info_t structure that
is now exported to userspace with the
two ioctls (MEMGETREGIONCOUNT and MEMGETREGIONINFO) that I commited on
the weekend.

Please try these out with the amd chips, since I have none. It works for
me in an intel chip.


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