Using mtdblock as root device

David Schleef ds at
Tue Mar 6 21:07:00 EST 2001

On Tue, Mar 06, 2001 at 02:37:48PM +0100, Robert Kaiser wrote:
> Hi,
> On Die, 06 Mär 2001 you wrote:
> > It's been submitted many many times. If you do submit it again, please add 
> > nftl[bcd] and ftl[abcd] too, and I don't think you actually need anything 
> > more than
> > 	{"mtdblock", 0x1f00},
> > 
> > for the mtdblock devices, because they're handled just like partitions.
> Hmm, I for one have two mtd devices on my platform, both of which I'd like
> to be able to use as root device. But I agree that 16 is probably a bit
> overkill. How about:
> 	{"mtdblock0", 0x1f00},
> 	{"mtdblock1", 0x1f01},
> or:
> 	{"mtdblock", 0x1f00},
> 	{"mtdblock0", 0x1f00},
> 	{"mtdblock1", 0x1f01},

Just {"mtdblock", 0x1f00} will suffice, because any number
appended will be converted to an integer and be added to the
base number given.

Check the implementation of name_to_kdev_t in init/main.c for


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