lrp booting from M-Systems ISA flash card

Andrey Glazunov lhfrjgtn at
Wed Jan 31 18:53:42 EST 2001

i have a problem with booting lrp from PC-Flash drive card...
i will try to explain : card with 2Mb of flash EEPROM from M-Systems it appear as HardDrive with msdos filesystem and can boot as msdos drive well ... so i use syslinux to create linux 'boot sector' on it and copy all files from lrp diskette (except syslinux.sys) and correct boot=/dev/hda1 at syslinux.cfg (as it need to boot lrp from harddrive).
Now the problem - system start sucessfully  and load root.lrp............. (OK)
then load 
linux..(hang :(   ) - 2 dots and full-hang - no ctrl-alt-del only reset...
when i try to load from diskette (PC-Flash drive card inserted) it loads good - i think at least no conflicts with linux code and 'flash-drive' code (it takes about 20...40 kb of conventional memory when initialise itself)... good...

the main question - i need only boot from this flash card but not use it as hardrive (drive),  are there any ideas how to prevent system's hang ? may be create some 'additional ramdrive' and copy there all .lrp files with kernel and then load from it ? does it mean i need to modify syslinux for it ?
i see some patches for 2.2.16 kernel - can they help me or i use extremely old flash card and these patches are only for DOC2000 and newer ?

thanx for any help.
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