What flash file system on uCLinux 2.0.38?

Tim Gardner timg at tpi.com
Fri Jan 26 17:59:14 EST 2001


I'm stuck using uCLinux (based on 2.0.38) on an ARM7 platform. I have 2 CFI
compliant flash parts (AM29DL323D), and will soon have to support equivalent
sized Intel Strataflash.

The JFFS that comes with uCLinux 2.0.38 is hopelessly based on flash.c which
only support a few parts. I've backported the latest MTD from CVS, and all
seems to work using CFI and cstm_cfi_jedec.c. However, the new JFFS is
based on 2.2.0 VFS inode and dentry cache stuff. Way too much work to backport.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a flash filesystem that I might use? Using a
regular file system on the flash translation layer is not an option since this
is not a PCMCIA platform (patent issues I guess).

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