fdisk problems

Brian Michalk michalk at awpi.com
Thu Jan 25 16:19:03 EST 2001

Now I'm getting an error at the bootprompt:
LILLILO may overwrite Extended BIOS data area.

Before I upgraded my slackware I didn't have this problem.  It'sobviously
the EBDA problem.  The funny thing is that the problem goes away if I
disable the DOC.

There is a patch in the archives.  Perhaps I'll try patching LILO.

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> On Thu, 25 Jan 2001,  Brian Michalk wrote:
> > MTD_READECC(...) < 0
> If you define ECC_DEBUG in doc2000.c, I think you'll find it's reporting
> an ECC failure. Before I left work, I managed to reproduce this, as
> M-Systems sent me some 72MiB units a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, I
> don't know _why_ it's reporting the ECC failure.
> For now, can you change the code so it ignores that and continues?
> You don't have anything valuable on that DiskOnChip at the moment, do
> you?
> --
> dwmw2

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