mtd from cvs and 2.2.18

Brian Michalk michalk at
Thu Jan 25 09:50:11 EST 2001

Thanks.  That's a crucial part of the puzzle.

I installed a 2.4 source tree.  I forgot that MTD was in the distribution,
so when I patched it, something went wrong.
Anyway, starting from a clean distribution was painless.

dmesg reports correctly my two 72Mb DOCs.
I'm now going back through the archives to figure out how to fdisk and
format them.

Sheesh, I knew all this stuff a year ago, but my mind is becoming more like
a sieve.

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> Hi !
>  someone ask about how to get mtd from cvs to work with 2.2.X .
> puts the links into the linux
>  tree ok , but it does not make the changes
>  to arch/i386/, one must add the line
> source drivers/mtd/
>  then everything goes fine with make config/menuconfig/xconfig
> hofrat
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