DiskOnChip 2000 again

David Hamm dhamm at itrepro.com
Wed Jan 17 16:48:53 EST 2001

I've tried a number of things.  When I patch the 2.4.0 kernel with the M-Sys
patches in won't compile.  So I've compiled using the MTD stuff and plundered
through making the entrys in the /dev directory.  Below is my /dev/nftl entry.

brw-rw----    1 root     root      93,   0 Jan 12 22:39 /dev/nftl

But when I try to fdisk /dev/nftl the modules load and print the following on
the console.  

M-Systems NAND Flash Translation Layer driver. (C) 1999 MVHI
$Id: nftl.c,v 1.57 2000/12/01 17:51:54 dwmw2 Exp $
M-Systems DiskOnChip driver. (C) 1999 Machine Vision Holdings, Inc.
Using configured probe address 0xd000
Possible DiskOnChip with unknown ChipID 63 found at 0xd000    

Any suggestions?

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David Hamm
Systems Analyst
Imaging Technologies Services Inc.
email: dhamm at itrepro.com
voice: 404-870-6663

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