Newbie: more questions

Kyle Harris kharris at
Wed Jan 17 14:46:59 EST 2001


I got the mail archives, but I still have a few questions (then,
hopefully, I'll be quiet for a while).

1) What is the difference between JFFS and JFFS2?

2) Is NAND flash supported by JFFS? Is NAND flash supported by the
character device?

3) Can the filesystem be limited to using only part of a device? For
example, can I write a compressed image to a well-known area in flash 
(that the boot is aware of) and prevent the fs from using this? Does
this apply to both NOR and NAND flash?

4) How are different blocks/sectors within a device accessed by the
character device? Do I use different device minors or do I seek to an

Thanks for your help, Kyle.

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