101% in use?

mark.langsdorf at amd.com mark.langsdorf at amd.com
Tue Jan 16 17:11:07 EST 2001

I've finally gotten my flash system 95% working, and now I'm
performing some stress tests to make sure that everything is

The partition size is 14.5 megs, give or take a bit, and
I have a very large directly (around 2.7 megs) that I'm
repeatedly copying onto the disk and deleting.  At one
point, I got my italicization (according to df) up to 
101%, with a negative number of free blocks.  Is this bad?

After I deleted the most recent copy of the directory,
utilization dropped to 100%, with 44 blocks free.  
Shouldn't the GC be kicking in and getting rid of the
rest of the dirty space?  It's stayed at 44 blocks for
quite some time.

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