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Wed Jan 10 17:15:33 EST 2001

Sorry for the slow response; been on vacation.

> Can I boot totally from flash without any other storage support?

I'm doing some work requiring precisely this--flash chips, preprogrammed,
intended to boot linux with a read-only filesystem, preferrably compressed,
from a well-known ROM address.

I originally hacked up mtdram.c to do what has already been done, quite
elegantly infact..

There is a patch out there somewhere (search this list, if you can't find it,
let me know and I'll get it to you.) that adds a block device to the kernel
called "/dev/rom".. it has two modes of operation:

1)  Encodes the binary filesystem image and compiles it directly into the
kernel, bloating its final size

or 2)  Allow you to point it to a "well known" memory address that has (this is
unclear) 4 bytes containing the filesystem size (in bytes), 4 bytes of "00",
and then the filesystem image, whatever that may be.  I use cramfs with great
success on a very memory-constrained target.
> Is there any howto or high level docs to configure and compile?

Patch it in, enable it in config, refer to above notes.  Let me know if you're
still lost.


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