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Sun Jan 7 10:57:48 EST 2001

Nicholas Mc Guire wrote:

> Hi !
>  I have a question about ide-compatible flash-cards.
>  The one is a KINMAX KCF008M which works fine and the second
>  is a SanDisk SDCFB , both officially 8MB..., the second card
>  can be mounted formated writen too but I can't get it to boot
>  from that card , I only get
> 01 01 01 01 01 01 ....

If memory serves (and if your attempting to use lilo ) this would be a disk
geometry error generated by lilo itself. Maybe you could pass the disk geometry
to lilo?

>  on the screen at boot-up.
>  Now can anybody point out why one is bootable and the other not ? and how
>  can one tell which one will be bootable and which one will not ? Both are
>  detected in the BIOS without any problem (one as (CHS) 250/4/16 the other as
>  (CHS) 245/2/32).
> thx !
> hofrat
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