lilo kernel params failure

Matteo Costa matteoc at
Wed Feb 28 04:29:10 EST 2001

At 20.58 26/02/01 -0500, dant at wrote:
>I have been strugling with this for some time now.
>It looks like a failure of lilo to pass kernel params ( append="...." )
>But we have been through the code and fail to find a reason.
>this happens with the lilo-mtd in the cvs /patches area and we have
>patched 21 with the same results.
>We are using DoC  2000 with kernel 2.4.2 though this has been happening
>for months really.
>Anyone have any ideas?

I have a patch for LILO 21.6.1. It works well for me with kernel 2.4.0.

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