Ollie Lho ollie at
Tue Feb 27 00:04:48 EST 2001

Tim Hurman wrote:
> Hi,
> I am fairly new to the whole mtd thing and wonder if anyone help me. I am
> currently developing linuxbios on a motherboard (lanner em-370b). Recently
> however I have found that the ROM is not big enough for the kernel. The
> board comes with a DiskOnChip socket and wondered if it was possible to
> use this to store the kernel + ramdisk etc. However, as I would have to
> re-write the filesystem support I am curious as to whether it is possible
> to use ROMfs on the device as it is very simple.
> Also, are there any docs the basic layout of DOC devices and how they are
> accessed?

Have you read the documents on LinuxBIOS home page ??


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