Unable to mount compressed root f/s because init_mtd() does n ot r egister block device!

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Thu Feb 22 03:08:51 EST 2001

Vipin.Malik at daniel.com said:
> Ok, looking a bit more at it, it seems that all the init for  the mtd
> stuff is happening when do_inicalls() gets called as they are all
> declared as initcalls.

> But looking at the other block device stuff (hd, floppy etc.) they all
> get init'ed by calling blk_dev_init() from genhd.c which gets called
> by device_setup() called from init/main.c

> This guarantees that the block devices are registered before the
> ramdisk load stuff gets called, hence allowing them to be used to load
> compressed filesystems.

> How to we fix this (as I'm not too familiar with the init stuff and
> how to change that)? 

Either we stop using initcalls for the MTD stuff in 2.2.18 - just revert to 
the old method as we did in earlier 2.2, or we fix the remainder of 2.2.19 
to use initcalls properly. Probably the former.


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