Bjorn Wesen bjorn.wesen at
Sun Feb 18 13:49:23 EST 2001

On Fri, 16 Feb 2001, David Woodhouse wrote:
> >  I've got a problem since it was removed: How can I include mtdpart.o
> > in my kernel if I wan't to do a do_cfi_probe() and then add partitions
> > with add_mtd_partitions()? 
> The way it's done ATM is to include with the map driver:
> obj-$(CONFIG_MTD_SBC_MEDIAGX)   += sbc_mediagx.o mtdpart.o
> obj-$(CONFIG_MTD_ELAN_104NC)    += elan-104nc.o mtdpart.o
> obj-$(CONFIG_MTD_SA1100)        += sa1100-flash.o mtdpart.o

Which is not possible if you want to place the map driver in another

I'd rather do it in the and have a separate CONFIG for the
partition support, but as we found out before, it's really boring to fix
that for all the cases that need the mtdpart support
:) Something for Jonas!


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